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Corporate Governance Statement

First Pension Custodian Nigeria Limited adopts the best practices in Corporate Governance, which is believed to form part of the foundation for a long lasting financial institution. The Board and Management of the Company are committed to upholding the core values of transparency, integrity, honesty, accountability and optimum protection of pensioners' assets. Our policies consistently undergo improvements, keeping in mind our goal of maximization of value of all the stakeholders.

Codes and Regulations First Pension Custodian Nigeria Limited operates in a highly regulated market hence compliance with applicable legislation, regulations and codes, including transparency and accountability remain an essential characteristic of its culture. The Board monitors compliance with these by means of oversight responsibility. First Pension Custodian Nigeria Limited complies with all applicable legislation, regulations, standards and codes.

Compliance with PenCom's Code of Corporate Governance As a licensed pension fund custodian, we confirm that, throughout the year ended 31 December, 2017/2018, the Company complied with the principles set out in PenCom's Code of Corporate Governance.

Whistle Blowing Procedure In line with the Company's commitment to instill the best corporate governance practices, the company has established a whistle blowing procedure that ensures anonymity. The company has dedicated phone numbers, emails and portal to facilitate the whistle blowing process.
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